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Re-keying for Homes in Coaldale: A Simple Solution


Not everyone thinks of the fact that when you move into a new home, the previous owners had multiple keys, and perhaps not all of them were passed along to you. There’s a simple solution. Town & Country Locksmiths, based in Coaldale, offers re-keying services.

Re-keying Is Easier than You Think

Re-key your home. Re-keying means Town & Country Locksmiths changes only the pins in your existing locks to a new code. No need to buy expensive replacements; we’ll come to your home to perform this uncomplicated service.

We Do Lock Repairs, Too

You may have other lock-related needs at home, too. Perhaps you would like to have Town & Country Locksmiths service the lock on your safe, for instance, or repair a seized lock. Whatever your needs, you can trust Town & Country Locksmiths to offer good, solid service at a fair price. Just call when you need us.

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